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  • Michael Garrett

A Destination School on Costa del Sol, Spain

Updated: May 26, 2021

There are some schools that attract families to live in various parts of the world. This can be for a variety of reasons but usually because they stand out from the crowd in terms of their ethos whether it is because of high achievements in academics where students are regularly accepted into top Universities, sport where schools have close links with world recognised clubs and organisations as well as music, art and technology.

A leading destination school is the Green School in Bali where families from all round the world come to live on the island to enable their children to obtain a sustainable education that focuses on environmental issues and entrepreneurship.

Mont 21 aims to also be a destination school as it will provide a unique education by combining the four pillars of Montessori pedagogy, the English National Curriculum, the best progressive educational concepts promoting hands-on real life learning and sustainability. It will also provide an exceptional learning environment which has been inspired by innovative schools, particularly in Finland and America which ideally compliment 21st century education.

This new school will additionally benefit other businesses that operate on the Costa del Sol including the many new prestige residential developments and support those initiatives and facilities that are currently being promoted and created in the community of Estepona.

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